Welcome to FashionablyGreen1.com

A place where I share my experiences of my mission to FIGHT HUNGER, while also delivering toiletries to those experiencing dire economic situations. I’m creating a bio-fuel & solar-powered FREE Mobile Boutique, so that I can share my extreme coupon freebies very easily.

Check out my blog about extreme couponing  if you want to learn how easy it can be for everyone to become independent.  With the toiletries and snacks I get for FREE, I prepare sacks of love for those in need.  This past easter I created Easter Baskets to donate to juvenile domestic violence survivors living at WomanSpace in New Jersey.


Enter to win $300 worth of makeup and beauty products!

I’m truly blessed to help so I want to share my blessings with a lucky supporter! Win $300 worth of makeup and beauty products for helping me get the word out when you make  a pledge on my  pledge page; or share my posts or my tweets regarding the #fashionablygreenhungerfight with your circles. Visit the “Fight Hunger” pledge page to share the love.  Please read the OFFICIAL RULES.

Win $300 in makeup from FashionablyGreen1.com

Extreme couponing can be addicting

I have been shopping with these colorful pieces of paper for the last year and a half and I wouldn’t change anything about it! Having always been a GREEN person, i’m flabbergasted by the fact that I can trade cut up pieces of paper for FREE name brand stuff. I get so much stuff with my coupons that I donate most of the products to those in need. If your looking for some tips, information and general extreme coupon info read more here.

Get manufacturers coupons here.

Live Green, Be Green, Go Fashionably Green

Sometimes in my travels I come across shops that offer sustainable products and I will share those with you here too;  in hopes that you can patronize them and help make the world greener by doing something we all love- Shopping!

Locally designed domino hand painted rings.


Spread the love

Each and every one of us has something to give, whether it be love, energy, material stuff or money. Love and energy goes much further than material stuff or money ever can, but just in case you have some of the latter to donate and need some charity ideas you can read about my donations, and hopefully donate to one as well, by clicking this link.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to FashionablyGreen1.com

  1. How do I send you coupons? I receive a lot and my neighbors leave theirs near the mailbox trash can.

  2. Thank you for all you do!

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