Clean your innards and stop being so hangry!


It’s easier than you think to live a fabulous life full of love, happiness and joy. 

It’s especially easy when you fill your tummy with life giving,  health producing, vitamin and nutrient rich natural foods, because our emotions are dictated by our sense of well-being.

When your body feels fabulous from the inside, it radiates grace on the outside #theway proves this.

If your ready to push that hangry, rude, selfish or mean attitude to the curb, to get your happy on, the easiest way to do it, is to begin incorporating healthy living. You can do it by juicing your greens; in a variety of combinations daily. 

Consuming a juice, loaded with nutrients and vitamins such as this one, is best on an empty stomach right after you wake-up. 

Today I concocted one with English cucumber (for calcium and removal of skin impurities and toxin cleansing benefits {note if we were men we would also reap the benefits of penis enlargement from the cucumber too}) + celery (for calcium and anti-inflammatory benefits and prevention of osteoporosis) + kale (for calcium and digestive system cleansing benefits) + grapefruit (for acidity and breast enhancing and breast cancer prevention benefits) + lemon (for citric acid and liver cleansing and anti-cancer benefits) + granny Smith apple (for anti-cavity, anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis benefits and natural sugars and many other benefits) + coconut water (anti-aging and natural sugars and many other benefits) with about a cup of water (natural cancer repellant and hydration benefits) plus a dash of parsley. 

I added one of each item listed above and was able to make enough juice for us three ladies.  So being that they charge around $8 per bottle at the Phoenix Public Market, for a small bottle of their similar green juice,  I saved at minimum $21.00 blending them at home.

Although a blender doesn’t pulverizer the fruits and vegetables as finely as the ninja or vitamix, I say anything is better than nothing, when it comes to juicing.  Just note that it’s better to drink this blended, life giving, mixture immediately after you push stop on the machine.


Thankfully he made #theway easy enough for even I to incorporate it into my life. Here’s hoping you make it part of yours.

God is phenomenal!

Greens on overdrive! #theway

After reading the Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell my mind went into overdrive. Seems the connection I took from the smoking amongst teens, in one of his research examples, tied food and curing disease from within. It has always been a favorite topic of mine, healing from within that is, and that insight made it easier for me to share it with you.

After returning home for a few days, it turns out that someone close to us ended up in the hospital, in Los Angeles, due to diverticulosis. So upon his return home, I began to fill him up with salads, made with curly kale, tuscan kale, mustard greens, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, berries, grapes, nuts, coconut pieces, garlic, red onions, parsley, cilantro, ginger, turmeric and apple cider vinegar with grapeseed oil and coconut oil. Then I served up some soup made with almost all the same ingredients, minus the berries, apple cider and nuts. It was a cleanse and a rebuild all in one.

Thanks be to God, he said he is feeling better today than he did before he got sick. I guess its no wonder because I choose all the natural whole foods, which resemble the body parts he needed some help with. After all Jesus did say he is the light, the way, the truth and the food, so its definitely God’s way-not mine. God enabled us to heal ourselves from within, as he said he would never give us anything that we couldn’t handle, and this proves it.

If you’re experiencing health issues which may seem just too much for you to handle, get your greens on! Green leafy vegetables that is, then add lots of colorful fruits and veggies, according to the shape and characteristics of the body part you need healed, choosing them according to the body shape you’re currently walking this earth in.

At the moment i’m gathering and writing all the information you’ll need to choose the right stuff to make you whole and complete again, so keep checking back often so you can download the FREE App i’m creating, It’s an app that will enable you to live a healthy and joyous life, Thanks be to God!

It only took me 43 years to find out I’m Autistic…go figure, it took finding the cure to Cancer to figure it out.

Just know at 43, I’m finding out for the first time that I’m autistic, after living my entire life without limits, without labels, it makes sense. Had I been labeled anything other than me, who knows what could have been.

I love having Autism, know that I understand why I was so different, its super cool! It taught me to learn to read fruits and vegetables in order that we can cure disease and help what ails us from within. But it wasn’t until I read a book about the effect of banana’s and the dopamine and norepinephrine effect that can help with the depression part of it, that my brain began to work in an entirely new way, and learned I had Autism.

My synapse function caught onto that one thought about bananas, and God’s word, then one thought connected to another thought about the neurotransmitters, then I began to realize why God made me so interested in science, psychology, food as living medicine, curing the body from within with food, but most importantly how he taught me to leave my life and actions in the hands of my lord Jesus Christ.

I have to say my brains synapse function in my nervous system got so fast that I actually felt a pain from the connections, and began to cry. Excessive cortisol hyper sensitizes the brain to pain, such that even the slightest twinge can excite the nerves of the brain, causing headaches. I must have reached that tipping point because I also got a headache.

Cortisol raises your blood sugar, putting you at risk of diabetes. High glucose levels then bump up your insulin levels, which then drop your blood sugar after which you might experience nausea, heartburn, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or constipation as a result of too many stress hormones.

Then the body goes through it all over again. But with the right diet of pear shaped fruits, nuts, vegetables and things in the right shapes and colors you can live a normal life with Autism.

I hope to teach everyone, especially my Autistic brothers and sisters. I’m trying to put it all together as this is so new, as of the past 3 months and it has been an awesome ride. I’m making flash cards, because I just realized that is how I learn as well, by photos and connecting the dots.

It turns out that my interest in reading all the research on cures for cancer and different experiments with treatments, information on life extension, and psychology, lead me to store all this information, like a storage file and after reading a book about the psychology of marketing it all started to flash before my eyes like a book.

While trying to prove that my new found revelation that food had a connection to our body in a different way, I tried to prove myself wrong, to no avail, instead I inadvertently came across the cure to Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Ebola and Aids. It’s a fruit that is detrimental in leveling out or regulating the extreme symptoms of Autism and Alzheimer’s, and it able to cure Cancer, Aids, Ebola and inadvertently ridding the world of the epidemic of violent crimes.

Its the rose apple, which we stopped eating because it was growing too fast to control. But that is the entire reason it will cure!!!! It repopulates very quickly and helps with digestive issues, fights both fungal and bacterial infections and detoxifies the liver. Its high in Vitamin A and has an alkaloid that regulates blood sugar control. Seems the high mercury levels can be cleansed out by detoxification effects of the rose apple fruit too, as part of a whole foods balanced diet, which is really Jesus’s Way. Its also a preventative measure for pregnant mothers, in that it will help the baby to develop with an intact stomach lining, which will prevent autism and alzheimer’s.

I’m very interested in what the future holds, because this fruit and diet can cure brain cancer and brain damage too, which is really just extreme digestive systems disorders that have been misdiagnosed. Since we cannot digest most proteins, I also stumbled upon the goose fat which is high in monounsaturated fats and duck protein which supplies amino acid and proteins that are not so hard on the stomach lining which make it easy to break down the fat, which is also made possible by the serotonin. Roasted cashew nuts are also good, as they are easy to digest. Foods that are green, yellow and browns work better and most should be cooked. Figs, bananas and zucchini help with the depression symptoms.

Foods that look like a pear are great for diets of autistic folks; foods that have a pear shape and seeds in the bottom round part are good for autism diet, that signifies the stomach, for example the butternut squash is white on top, pear shaped and has big seeds inside. the hard shell signifies it is important for the diet of those with digestive issues (all ASD stems from digestive system, its the pain of breaking down proteins and foods or the processing the cortisol/norepinephrine which cannot be expressed verbally by some, the pain is so intense that it manifest in other ways in the brain) the white stem up top of the butternut squash signifies that the seeds in the stomach will help the digestive issues and rid the pain from the brain. God is so awesome!

I wanted to become a doctor but never continue on in college because it seemed to restrictive, but that never meant that I stopped studying. My extreme interest in finding a cure for cancer and my intense desire to read (for hours on end at times which I also learned is a trait of Autism), helped me to see the world differently. Thankfully, because it may just have helped us change the world as we know it. After all it’s going to take a conscious collection of positive people to make the world a brighter place.

I must say I’m happy to learn that I have Autism. Because now I can live my life the way I want to and I can own my CRAY CRAY. I have always been the different one, but without having the label of Autistic or disabled (I was born pigeon toed and now have perfectly straight legs) I live my life as a survivor. I actually founded and grew my own business from $250. and was in business for 15 years, winning awards for wig design, running booths at the Comicon conventions and having much fun with it all! I have been in a loving relationship for 15 years now and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I self taught myself to cook, travelled the world to 12 countries, I’m an adrenaline junky and excelled in high school in advanced college prep classes as well as gifted classes in middle school.

I have taken college biology, chemistry (2 sections), psychology (3 sections), marketing (several classes), sales and a few, writing classes in college, but never realized why. Until God opened my eyes. I now know that he wants me to be a part of that voice for those who don’t have one.

After reading up on all the benefits from the rose apple and how it can rid our world of extreme and hostile violence, i now know why they call the rose apple “fruit of the angels” because it’s here to help us fly in spirit! If you want to learn how to read your fruit, email me at fashionablygreen1 (remove the space).