New Hope Funky Stuff review

Today I was in New Hope Pennsylvania, at the New Hope Funky Stuff boutique and found some fabulous Eco friendly creations. They are dedicated to helping you save our planet. The boutique is stocked full of recycled, re-purposed and reused items. They invite you to Go Green with their all natural & up-cycled products, unique gifts, music & instruments, jewelry, art, stickers, patches, hookahs, herbs and tons more! They even have fabulous items for your pets. You will can find some Fashionably Green earrings created by me, Anna Marie as well.

I photographed just a small selection of their offerings; so next time  your in New Hope, stop in and support the local artists, fair trade artist and the environment by purchasing something unique and funky! Remember you can help to save our planet and economy when you shop local.

Locally designed domino hand painted rings. $12.98

Hand painted monarch butterfly domino earrings, locally made. $23.98

Hand painted domino key chain.

hand painted domino key chain $12.98

Upcycled leaves and starfish

Recycled leaves and starfish pendants are dipped in 24k gold dip or bronze dip to preserve the plant

Up-cycled Fashionably Green feather earrings $19.98

Fabulous Fair Trade dangling carved owl earrings $9.98

Fair trade wire bicycle earrings handmade in Kenya $9.98

Locally created  soy candles by Mystical Dreamers in many fragrances

Leather, feather & bead dream catchers locally created in various sizes

Tons of locally created blown glass creations are available. This bracelet closure is magnetic too!

Make music with these fabulous recycled musical instruments

Another  fabulous musical instrument created from re-purposed materials

Eco friendly and washable back packs locally made by Romani’s Handbags

These photos are just a snippet of what you will find at the New Hope Funky Stuff boutique located at 87 South Main Street in New Hope, PA 18938. Visit them online at Http:// or call 215-205-0966.

Please support our local economy by buying from local artists or mom and pop owned shops, because this will help strengthen our economy and local communities while keeping jobs in America. GO GREEN!

For more information on the Economic Impact of Buying Locally visit Local First Arizona via this link: even though this boutique is located in Pennsylvania, the information still applies! You can apply this information to your town or city as well.


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