Blu Fish Designs of Avalon Review

While visiting Avalon New Jersey, I happened to come across a fabulous boutique named blu fish DESIGNS. They offer some fabulous re-purposed home accessories and I had to share them with you! I found a plethora of unique ideas to pretty up your place. Here are a couple of photos of the fun household accessories you can decorate your place with.

Next time your in Avalon New Jersey ( South Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean) stop into blu fish DESIGNS located at 2418 Dune Drive and shop local. You can also call them at 609-368-0900 or visit them online at to see their other fun stuff! These are just a few of the eco friendly items I liked, but i’m sure you can find tons more! Remember when you shop local you support your community, the artists and the environment!

For more information on the Economic Impact of Buying Locally visit Local First Arizona via this link: even though this boutique is located in New Jersey, the information still applies! You can apply this information to your town or city as well.


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