7 easy steps to a younger you!

Fighting the age fairy can be tricky enough, but utilizing these simple aging cures NOW can help you slow down the hands of time.

1. No matter how young you are, get in the habit of sitting with your knees held tightly together instead of crossing your legs one over the other; and your knees will forgoe those unsightly broken blood vessels seen on many a leg. I had the privilege of learning this secret when I was 23, that was when I immediately ceased doing this, and my legs still look youthful even though I’ll be turning 40 at the end of this month.

2. Dump your makeup remover and opt for a Fashionably Green option. You can keep your eyes and face moist and full of elasticity when you mix equal parts witch hazel and olive oil in a bottle then use nightly (or daily) to remove your makeup. The witch hazel tones your face and restores your pH balance, while the olive oil keeps your skin moisturized. Aging is a sign of a lack of moisture and elasticity, this secret combats them both, for much less.

3. Change your “pick me up” drink from coffee or black tea to green tea, gradually working your way to sugarless green tea. This change will work wonders for you. Green tea fights toxins, and when you drink it without sugar-the benefits are compounded.

4. Prevent premature facial lines by minimizing your squinting, forehead wrinkling and frown lines. Wear sunglasses, don’t smile with your entire face but smile as much as you can.

5. Eat tons of tomatoes and you will have skin deep sun protection, which keeps your skin in top shape.

6. Avoid sagging skin by finishing your shower off with the coldest water your shower will produce. I have been practicing this since my teenage years and people continue to be amazed when I tell them I’m not in my twenties. My doctor said its like having a mini face & body lift each and every time I shower or wash my face.

7. Laugh every day, or every minute you can! When you laugh endorphins are released in your body and these help reduce the effects of stress, which ages you severely.

I hope you find a way to include 1 or all of these practices, because you will not only enjoy a more youthful appearance, you will also enjoy a better way of life.

Written/Photographed for ShopDevious.com – a Fashionably Green Upscale Resale Boutique


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