Pesky plastic bags tamed!

If your like me a Fashionably Green chick, you despise waste and clutter alike. One of the hardest to tame household regulars is them damn plastic bags that must reproduce with water! Each time I thought I had them under control, another 1,000,000 showed up in the closet. I always wondered why they don’t just make them a wee bit bigger so that we could use less. They are convenient when it comes to lining the trash cans, which is why I keep them around.

However after spotting a neighbor, at a recent outdoor festival, pull out a perfectly folded recycled plastic bag; I got to thinking about the wasted baby wipe containers that seem to do nothing but take up space in the garbage. After using the baby wipe containers to store as many things as I could, I thought why not try to store the plastic bags in them too.

This is what I came up with and it works fabulous! So next time your looking for a place to store those millions of loose plastic grocery store bags (unless your in a cool place that banned them already) try this simple storage solution.

I have photographed each step of folding so you can get them to the right size. Enjoy this project with your children and let them decorate the baby wipe container, and it will not only clean up your cupboards, but it will bring you a wee bit closer in more than one way. You can teach them about recycling while having fun.

Enjoy! And thanks in advance for doing your part to save the earth with this easy peasy Fashionably Green project. It will make your place less cluttered, eliminating spaces where dust, dander and insects can nest too.


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