Couponing Extremely for Maggie’s Place



Every 2nd Sunday of the month is Cradle Sunday, at St Francis Xavier parish in uptown Phoenix, Arizona. Craddle Sunday is the day that SFX parishioners donate items in support of Maggie’s Place. They can always use a hand with diapers, toiletries, babies clothes and of course money.

Maggie’s Place is a community that provides houses of hospitality for expectant women who are alone or on the streets and wish to achieve their goals in a dignified atmosphere.

I was so happy to collect these fabulous products for the ladies of Maggie’s Place by couponing extremely. The only thing that would have made this donation any better, would be having more manufacturers coupons, so that I could have donated more!

Extreme Couponing can be very time consuming and confusing, but I have taken to it like a fish to water and will continue to do it for charity. You can help me make a bigger difference by sending me your unused manufacturers coupons from your Sunday paper, your neighbors Sunday paper, your Mothers/Fathers Sunday paper….I think you get the point. You can even send me your unused manufacturers coupons from the Friday Wallstreet Journal Newspaper. Heck I would even gladly take your manufacturers coupons that are delivered by your mail courier, which are called Red Plum. You will make a big difference in someone’s life, by simply giving me your manufacturers coupons, isn’t that awesome?
Fashionably Green donation 4/13


Maggie’s Place also owns and operates a Thrift Store that operates to raise money for the Hospitality Homes. You can donate your unused items for sale in the boutique as well. Get more information regarding donating your goods via this link

Maggie’s Place Thrift Store Hours are:

Monday-Friday   10:30am-5:30pm 
Saturday            10:30am-3:00pm 
(Please drop off donations during during these hours)

They are located at 1517 E McDowell RD in Phoenix, Arizona 85006. Please shop or donate to support this fabulous organization.

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