New Jersey coupons

I arrived in New Jersey at the end of June. I’m excited and ready to get my FREE mobile boutique on the road. It turns out that the engine has some cracked seals, so I will be converting it to biofuel much sooner than anticipated.

While i’ve been out here for a couple weeks now, i’ve been couponing extremely for a donation to the City of Angels organization. Its a little harder to collect goods for them, as they can only accept things that do not contain alcohol in the first 4 ingredients of any product, and this has been an eye opener=seeing so many products with so much alcohol is making me change my own line of products used.

I’ve been lucky enough to collect a few sets of inserts from the Sunday newspapers, plus a few from Thursdays’s newspapers as well. My coupon collection seems to deplete and then plum up almost instantaneously. The best deals have been at the ShopRite Grocery chain. They double any coupon up to $0.99, but will only take 4 like coupons. The Acme Grocery chain will also double any coupon up to $0.99 and sets a limit of about 5 (this is truly decided on by the managers at each location). At first I was excited that coupons will double, but I must say that I enjoy the Fry’s Food Stores chain in Arizona because they up any coupon that is valued less than $1.00, up to $1.00; meaning that if you have a $0.25 coupon, it is worth $1.00 at any Fry’s Food Stores.

I’ll keep updating my progress on the mobile boutique, while you enjoy your summer!


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