Bio-Fuel auto conversion

UPDATE: My initial push for conversion on the KimoBile came when I was told the engine was on its last leg. I thought that conversion would bypass the expensive repair. However I recently learned that the conversion is done on the fuel line only. The engine needs to be in good working condition to convert to biofuel. So today I dropped the KimoBile off to get a second opinion on the engine repair. Here’s hoping the repairs won’t be too much so I can continue with the conversion.

ORIGINAL POST:In the effort to reduce our carbon footprint while driving KimoBile across town and cross country, we will convert the engine to run on bio-fuel. If you know anyone that can assist me in bringing my bio-fueled, solarized FREE mobile boutique to reality, please make contact. I’m looking for conversion teams to assist me and my RV; I have the funds now we just need an installer. I have contacted the conversion kit supplier and they said KimoBile will convert beautifully!

Dedicated to my favorite angels

Fashionably Green’s KimoBile

Here is a link to the process we will be undertaking for your reading pleasure:

If you decided to convert to a bio-fueled vehicle, please share your photos and updates with us here on this post!



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