Extreme coupon binder holder

Once you have taken the time to organize and file away all of your precious manufacturers coupons, its time to go on your first extreme coupon shopping trip. If your like me, your binder might be 3 inches thick. This usually makes it a little harder to keep your binder balanced on the shopping cart seat, so I utilize this trick to keeping my binder readily available for me to flip through it.

Creating an extreme coupon binder holder in your shopping cart is easy when you:

  1. Open the seat.
  2. Pull one side of the strap to the front.
  3. For added security you can run the strap through your purse strap.
  4. Run the strap under and then over the front of the seat through the center.
  5. Connect both straps together, pulling the seat forward a little bit to tighten the space in the seat.
  6. Place your binder in the center, making sure to keep it balanced at all times.

This is a simple way to bring your binder up closer to you while shopping. If you have any other tips on how to effectively use your binder or where you place it while extreme couponing please post it in a comment below!


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