Trenton Rescue Mission sacks of love 2014

This time we arrived with brand new stuff for those in need. The donation was of 150 sacks of love, filled with toiletries, a drink, a snack and in some; a piece of my handmade jewelry (from recycled items of course!). I also included a perfume sample from all the magazines I could find, figuring that smelling something good would help lift the recipients spirit.

Extreme couponing for these sacks of love isn’t easy, but in the end…when I drive away from making my donation; I get rewarded with the love and peace that befalls me. Just knowing that someone will smile because I shared my gifts from above; someone who doesn’t even know what I look like=is payment enough, giving me strength to keep on  couponing!

If you have something to donate in Central New Jersey, please consider the Trenton Rescue Mission.

Need more info on Trenton Rescue Mission of New Jersey?


Call: (609) 815-2062

Go: 72 Ewing St, Trenton, New Jersey 08609


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