Pretty blue robbin’s eggs

Last week while walking past the window, Brian pointed out a bird flying away from a covered ledge.  As we got closer, we noticed the bird’s nest, but left it untouched.  However a few days ago I couldn’t help but reach in to feel for eggs.  I was so nervous and giddy when approaching the ledge, but I reached up and in non-the-less (the nest is about a foot over my head) and much to my delight I felt a few eggs.  I quickly pulled my hand back, leaving immediately because I sensed that their mother was watching from afar.

Today Brian pulled the nest down and found blue eggs, so I just had to go take a look.  They are so tiny!  Since we are about to get some very bad weather I added the piece of wood and pushed the nest as far inside the nook as possible.

I’m not sure what day she actually laid them; but in about 2 weeks we should have some baby robbins poking their little heads out of them eggs.  I’ll keep checking back and leaving food for their mama so she can sit steady, and as soon as I can get a photo i’ll update this blog.

Have you ever seen live baby robbins eggs? Let me know in a comment below I’d really like to know ^_~


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