DIY Recycle plastic card into Greeting card

Before you know it you have a stack of plastic cards such as those used for shopping benefits, credit card offers, AAA expired cards just to name a few. It pains me to toss them away, especially after spending a summer living in Atlantic City. I was left with a 4 inch stack of room keys and no where to use them. That was until I decided to cut them up to make recycled jewelry with them.

Fast forward to today and I have gotten a little more creative with them. I’ve began cutting them up into various shapes to use as designs on greeting cards. I am making a few dozen to send to a domestic violence shelter, in hopes that they utilize them to celebrate the survivors birthdays.

If you decide to create with plastic cards yourself, make sure you don’t use the entire metallic strip; especially if your information is connected to the card. I’ll post an update with the final look of the cards soon.


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