SHOP LOCAL New Jersey: Crafty Impressions for Xmas

I found an exciting new crafter, who takes what others consider trash, to make treasures. I’m especially eager to share because she has gone the extra mile to recycle and make others smile. At a recent craft show I was lucky enough to find these Crafty Impressions created by Erica Lieberum. She takes unused objects and turns them into whimsical Christmas Decorations.

I absolutely love her used paintbrush Santa’s, as well as the fan blade Santa’s and elves. Her imagination is limitless, as seen by her light bulb penguin. She may create to order but I’m not quite sure. If you wish to buy one of her creations or see more, please leave a comment below and we will relay it to her.

The piece I took home was the cutest tray of snowmen faces, created out of a recycled muffin tin. She drew such darling faces on each cup holder I just love it. She added a cute ribbon up top to create a hanging loop. This is perfect for the kitchen and makes me feel so happy each time I look at it.

Her imagination is wonderful, so if you wish to have whimsy in your life let us know below and we will pass along your info.


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