Sacks of love abound in Trenton, New Jersey 2014

To end the 2014 year on a high note, I extreme couponed for easy eats and drinks to add to the #sacksoflove destined for the Trenton area. I was able to buy Cup Noodles for $0.22 per cup, as well as Kool-Aid Bursts for $.08 per bottle; so I purchased 75 cups of soup and 144 bottles of kool-aid. I was also able to procure 47 bottles of tabasco sauce for FREE!

In addition to the soup, kool-aid and tabasco sauce; some sacks of love also consisted of Olay facial wipes, protein bars, energy drinks, protein powder, coffee packets, peeps, water enhancers, hot cocoa, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and lip balm. Unfortunately I was only able to add a few first aid kits to a few sacks of love. Only about two thirds of the sacks had 2-3 meals, while the rest consisted of 1 meal with other goodies. I’m able to do this because god blesses me with coupons and all items were purchased for $.50 or less with my extreme couponing skills.

It was quite difficult to give away the 50 “sacks of love” because of the cold; as we were looking for people on the streets to hand them off too. Remembering the Salvation Army’s Halfway house for rehabilitated men, we drove to their courtyard and found 5 grateful men the first time, and then another 8 men about 20 minutes later. I was also able to hand a few sacks of love to people outside the dairy, grocery stores and to a few people I found on the sides of the road before calling it a night.

The next day we headed to downtown Trenton with “sacks of love” in-tow. Accidentally finding the Catholic Charities, we were able to unload 30 bottles of spray starch, 2 big bags of clothes, 1 pair of mens shoes, 25 boxes of Pillsbury cake mix, plus a few other odds and ends I had sitting in the SUV all ready to donate; as well as 1 hand delivered a sack of love, which was given to one of the clients who was waiting on a bus ride ^_~. As we exited the driveway of the CC office, we were forced onto a one-way street. Thankfully so, because it was the street that housed the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen; making it for a busy place to unload the last 12 sacks of love.

I’ve began stockpiling again in hope of bringing happiness to the children of those in need, collecting for #basketsoflove where I will be making Easter Baskets to deliver to children in need. Last year I delivered a truck load to Womans Space. Do you have any recommendations on where this years Easter Baskets should be donated too? Please let me know in a comment below.


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