Giving love in a basket

After learning that #AnchorHouseNJ also houses boys, I began to decorate baskets with blue, yellow and green. Thankfully I have lots of candy and treats; because I’ll be giving them 25 baskets for boys and girls, as part of my #EasterBasketsofLove for 2015.

Do you like them? It was an easy project which can be done anywhere, as long as you have tissue paper, a pencil (or the like) and glue. I utilized a high heat glue gun, which runs quickly; ultimately forming amazing glue creatures, as the one seen below, when left to sit for a minute or longer.

I suggest a low heat glue gun for people who may be sensitive to heat, those who tend to take lots of breaks or those who are just learning to work with a glue gun; because if you don’t go that route you’re bound to waste a ton of glue. Make sure you unplug your glue gun, even if you just need a quick break; while utilizing any kind of plug-in contraption, but even more so when you utilize a high heat glue source.

Paying it forward is always much funner when you incorporate giving, with the things that you love to do! I totally enjoy crafting, shopping and finding a bargain; but I truly love to see happiness on the faces of others; so I make it a habit to help my  neighbors as I help myself; according to my likes. Otherwise giving and the act of #payitforward turns into a chore; and you know as well as I do, that no one wants to “have to do something”, especially when it’s at your own urging.

When you figure out what you love to do, what you get “lost” in and ultimately decide its time to #giveback check out our Spread the Love pages for ideas to give back in your community; then come back here and share your #givingback story with photos or comments below.


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