Extreme Coupon Haul for #EasterBasketsofLove

The best part of filling the #EasterBasketsofLove is the non-stop shopping, where I score on tons of nearly FREE stuff. I’ve been shopping for a couple of days and extracted some awesome stuff for the children of Anchor House, and some for our household stockpile.

Most of these goodies photographed here were FREE. We found the Infusium 23 leave-in conditioner at the Dollar Tree, and with the $2/1 coupon, they were FREE. At ShopRite they had Mr Clean Magic Erasers on clearance for $.99 each, and they were FREE with the $1/1 coupon . The tubes of Colgate toothpaste were on sale for $.77; with the  $.50/1 coupon they cost $.27 each. However the best part of this haul were the Bic Shavers; which cost $2.99 each, but with the $3/1 coupon they were also FREE.

The Pure Via stevia sugar (40 packets in each box), the Poise pads and the Natures Bounty Vitamin E cream tubes were all less than $.75 each after applying my coupons to the store clearances, while the Flax seed cost $3.50 after applying my $2/2 coupon. The Jolly Time microwave popcorn cost $1.00 per box after applying my $1/2 coupon. The Krusteaz Sugar Cookie boxes were $.60 each after applying my $.55/1 coupon, which doubled to $1.10. The Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner cost $.33 each, after applying my $3/2 coupon.


The items photographed below were all purchased for $1.00 or less. Mixing the Target promotion to receive a FREE $5.00 gift card after purchasing 4 products, the TREsemme and the Suave Professionals 3-in-1 were only $1.00 each. The Smucker’s Magic Shell chocolate pretzel syrups were $.50 each, after applying my $1/2 coupon. The Bush’s Beans were $.27 each after applying my $1/3 coupon. The Revlon accessories were all less than $.47 each after applying my $1/1 coupon.

It will take me a few days to extract all I can with my current coupon collection, because of the limitations on the quantities stated on each coupon; so I’ll be shopping till I drop for the next few days. If you have any of the above coupons, run don’t walk to your local shops, because the couponers are out and the available products are almost swiped off the shelves in New Jersey. If you do score on any of these, or any other goodies, please share photos or a comment below.


Here are a few more good deals I found during the week before Easter. The Suave Kids 2-in-1 bottles were two different prices; at ShopRite they cost $1.89 and at Target they cost $1.49 each. So with my $3/2 coupons I scored on 4 free bottles one day (I could only use two coupons per day) while paying $1.56 for 4 the next day at the other store. In my case it came out to 8 for $2.00 or $.19 each bottle. (At those prices, it would be downright selfish of me not to gift this stuff to those in need)

Let me tell you it was well worth it. Because while I was standing in line, patiently, for a minimum of 10 minutes, while the cashier settled a dispute with the lady ahead of me; a little girl sat behind me patiently in her cart, not acting up, or uttering a word of complaint, sans cell phone or any electronics, for that matter. I commented to her father that he had a very good daughter. As the line moved, he urged her in a very friendly way to do “her part” and she immediately began to unload the cart onto the conveyor belt. I commenting on how teamwork is awesome and helps get things done; to which her father replied “that’s right, teamwork is important”. That was when I finished paying for my items. So I reached into my bag to pull out and give him 1 of the strawberry scented bottles of Suave Kids 2-in-1. I said “this is for your daughter because she is a great kid”. He took it, said thanks, looked at her, as she sat listening and beaming with a glow of light radiating around her face; and said “tell her Thank You” and he handed her the bottle. She said “Thank you” so fast it was priceless. To witness the fruits of a fathers labor, while he takes it upon himself, to teach his child manners and the simple idea of being a part of something, teaching her about making things work together; was rare, especially in this day and age, where simple manners seem to be from a time long, long, long ago.  I thanked my Lord for giving me the chance to partake in that great energy, watching her smile that BRIGHT was worth paying full price, but thankfully my coupons were in date and made them ubber cheap.

The Act mouthwash was on clearance for $1.99 at ShopRite and with my $1/1 coupons they cost only $1.00 for each bottle (score!). I found these Pantene hair products on sale for $3.99 and after my using 4 of my $2/1 coupons and receiving a $5.00 gift card from target for purchasing them, I paid only $3.00 for all 4. The Hershey’s chocolate bunny bags of candy cost $.50 after applying my $1/2 coupon at Target.


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