Great manners are taught by those who know how to LOVE fully.

After adding up all my coupons I tell you it was well worth it. Because while I was standing in line, patiently, for a minimum of 10 minutes, while the cashier settled a dispute with the lady ahead of me; a little girl about 6-7 years old, sat behind me patiently in her cart, not acting up, or uttering a word of complaint, sans cell phone or any electronics, for that matter. I complimented her father, telling him he had a very good daughter. As the line moved, he urged her in a very friendly way to do “her part” and she immediately began to unload the cart, onto the conveyor belt. I then commented on how teamwork is awesome and helps get things done faster; to which her father replied “that’s right, teamwork is important”.

After the cashier handed me my change and receipt, I reached into my bag to pull out and give him one of the strawberry scented bottles of Suave Kids 2-in-1, as I said “this is for your daughter because she is a great kid”. He took it, said “thank you”, looked at her, as she sat listening and beaming with a glow of light radiating around her face; and said “tell her thank You” as he handed her the bottle. She said “thank you” so fast it was priceless.

To witness the fruits of a fathers labor, while he takes it upon himself, to teach his child manners and the simple idea of being a part of something, teaching her about making things work together; was rare, especially in this day and age, where simple manners seem to be from a time long, long, long ago.

That was a time when parents could care less about being their child’s best friend and cared more about raising great humans, who were taught to be a part of the bigger team called “community”. I thanked my Lord for giving me the chance to partake in that great energy, watching her smile that BRIGHT and witnessing him be a PHENOMENAL parent, was worth paying full price; but thankfully “He” has my back and I had coupons that made them ubber cheap.


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