Recently discovered cure will end epidemic of #Autism, #Alzheimer’s thereby curbing extreme violence

It turns out that we have been using the natural Autism and Alzheimer’s cure to beautify our waters and decorate our walls, so the Autism and Alzheimer’s epidemic is our own fault. Who knew that diet played such a big role in disease prevention? Who knew that the cure might end the epidemic of addiction, tragedy and abuse as well? I’ve had a major breakthrough in my lifelong (25+ years) research; which combines preventative aging, curing disease from (within via food) and my intense interest in psychology.

The missing ingredients which will eradicate the 3 worst epidemics of our lifetime (of which there will be 3 cures for all diseases, as cure is based on the melanin) are: 1. rose apples -low in sodium, high in vitamin A; don’t eat more than 1 per day as too much Vitamin A will result in too much testosterone, bone fractures and osteoporosis causing liver damage; however without this your child risks being born with either Autism or Alzheimer’s or worse. 2. duck -serotonin, neuropeptide, amino acid and protein; and finally 3. goose fat -vitamins A, D, E and K, Oleic acid and monounsaturated fat. Since those who are diagnosed as #autistic experience issues digesting saturated fats, due to a weak stomach lining, the monounsaturated fats of the goose are optimal, because they are broken down by the alkaloid found in the rose apple and the amino acid from the duck. Remember for Autism all food should be cooked to aid in the digestive process and relieve the stress of irregular Ph levels, due to over abundance yeast or over abundance of bacteria. Your cure will depend on your melanin levels, but I have created a cheat sheet that will help you learn to instantly identify foods according to your bodies needs, plus the quantities required. I want to give it to you for free because your health affects us all and I love & care about you tons; after all, we are ALL one being.

However the most important missing ingredient in an autistic persons diet is coconut oil, which is highly beneficial due to its medium chain fatty acids, the 50% Lauric acid it provides and the fact that it can penetrate the lipid layers of super germs.

“Some children with #ASD develop normally until the age of 1 or 2, then stop learning new skills or lose the ones they already have learned.”[1] Is it any coincidence that the average age for development of ASD is around the same age, when children normally begin to eat table food? Well the three missing ingredients can prevent this in the future. To prevent brain disease such as Autism or Alzheimer’s, an expecting mother, will benefit from bunches of fruit which are single seeded, such as grapes, by choosing the color based on your melanin levels. For light melanin skin tone you will choose the green rose apple, which will be part of your cure. If your melanin is a darker skin tone you may benefit from the red rose apple and blackberries as part of your cure, someone with medium toned melanin will benefit from all single seed #f&v’s such as raspberries or the lighter rose apple, depending on their taste, for their cure.

The early onset of Autism was probably experienced by those who began eating table food at an earlier age, as a result of their mothers failure to consume duck eggs, goose fat or rose apples. It’s not over estimation that a child would live in absolute agony, due to the deprivation of the much-needed and extremely necessary health benefits, which are afforded by the rose apple’s niacin, calcium, potassium, jambosine, betulinic acid, friedel lactone, plus the ducks serotonin, amino acids and protein, as well as the goose fats alkaloids and monounsaturated fat, so it’s no wonder Autistic children are silently suffering, to the point of head banging, twitching, or in many cases exhibiting anger in a much worse manner.

Wouldn’t you freak out if you had a gut full of animal bi-products, those of which your system couldn’t process, or much less digest? How about if you lacked several necessary nutrients, the most important one being that one which causes erratic eye twitching in deficiency? Yeah that is where the neurological issues come in. Imagine what’s flowing through the minds of those who are in so much pain.

It must be horrendous, as there are many who may have killed, raped or murdered someone, just in hopes of ridding themselves of the pain of over active yeast. If the person with the eye twitch knew that the papaya would cure him (as part of a whole balance diet), or if the expectant mother knew that avocado helps with eye formation (as part of a whole balance diet); don’t you think they would instantly eat both of them when they need too?

It’s amazing to think that curing Autism and Alzheimer’s would inadvertently rid the world of the epidemic of violence. But it might just be the case. When we can rid the issues of irregular blood sugar and digestion issues, then we will wipe out the epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer’s disease, thereby eliminating the desire or need to prey on, hurt or impose negativity on others; which is truly just another self-destructive behavior, by one who suffers from internal pains, which are so tremendously hurtful, that they can’t even verbalize them, and instead manifest them in their mind. As you can see, in the end all three epidemics come from the same place, the deficiency in the digestive system.

Unfortunately those who suffer the most from digestive problems, end up targeting people on the other end of the spectrum of #ASD; or those whom might likely have a trigger response, which is an aversion to fear, grief, sadness, anger, aggression or anxiety.

Without the understanding or knowledge that an aggressive person can sense, via their eyes and actions, that they have developed a pattern of avoiding those situations; they become easier targets and prime prey. This theory makes sense because if your body couldn’t process the corticosteroids, in the cortisol, which is released by stress; your initial response might also be to instantly do everything you could to avoid eye contact with an aggressor, right? Unfortunately that deflection of eye contact may also be triggering a response in the aggressor, who suffers from excess yeast in his system. This explains why some people get violently aggressive when they drink. The violence stems from the interaction of the yeast left behind in the colon, creating a stressful situation as the yeast mixes with the yeast or sugar of the alcohol, and that mingling is exacerbating the already aggressive behavior, which will be at the highest cortisol levels reached; making it the tipping point, because the alcohol and stress will cause so much pain, the aggressor will likely try to find an outlet to rid their body of those harmful corticosteroids auto responses. In my new discovery it turns out that color, shape, characteristics and type play the biggest part in reaching optimal #healthandwellness. Pregnant women should consume a diet of cashews, pear-shaped #fruits&veggies and #f&v’s consisting of one single seed, such as avocado, grapes or peaches. Everyone should consume a diet that encompass 5 colors, the cure for you will be determined by your melanin. Your body will use natural whole foods to fight chronic disease, as well as prevent fatal diseases, when you eat 4 different shades of certain #roundfruits, plus 4 different shades of certain #roundvegetables (according to your melanin) daily, plus #rootvegetables in the similar #shape of the part which ails you, 2-3 times a week, plus mushrooms, spices, garlic and onion you can obtain optimal health. Pregnant women will need to add 1 of each of those 4 similar colors in pear shaped #fruitsandveggis, choosing them according to their melanin. Light melanin would benefit from choosing the lightest color of the variety of #fruit #vegetable or #seed, such as the green grapes and the green rose apple, daily and throughout the entire pregnancy and the darker the skin tone, the darker shades closer to the purples, reds and oranges will be needed to cure disease. The reason rose apples prevent Autism is due to the fact that Autism is a disease of the digestive system, whose symptoms manifest in the brain. Martha Herbert, MD a pediatric neurologist from Harvard Medical School says “The brain interprets smelly bowel movements, bloated bellies, frequent colds and ear infections and dry skin, so is not just a coincidence that has nothing to do with their brain function. It is central to why they are sick in the first place! Yet conventional medicine often ignores this.” Those interpretations end up taking the form of a neurological disorder. This has been proven by Dr Mark Hyman, who has quite a resume in the field of chronic illness, including coining the term Chronesity. I also just realized that he co-wrote the book and diet titled the Daniel Plan. I haven’t read the daniel plan, but something tells me that my recent discovery of a simple identification system that enables everyone, even a child, to understand what your body is missing for optimal health with a quick glance at a raw piece of fruit or vegetable. If you would like to have a FREE copy of my cheat sheet, please post a comment below and follow our this blog.   In God’s spirit and everlasting love, may your heart and mind reside, in that your mind may be set free! ~Anna Marie

Sources: 1. Rose Apple 2. Duck 3. Goose Fat
The following are the references utilized by Dr Mark Hyman to cure Autism:
“Because of the interest in this topic and controversies surrounding it, I am posting all the references for the issues talked about in the article.”
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