It only took me 43 years to find out I’m Autistic…go figure, it took finding the cure to Cancer to figure it out.

Just now at 43, I’ve learned for the first time; that I was born autistic.

This after living my entire life without limits and without labels, as I’ve travelled to over 11 different countries, founded and established an award winning business, which I ran for 15 years, as well as designing wigs for Cosplay and theater.

Had I been labeled anything other than me, who knows what could have been.

I love having Autism and now that I understand why I was so different, its super cool!

My Autistic brain taught me to learn to read whole fruits and vegetables and it’s so awesome, knowing that we can cure disease and help what ails us, from within through food.

However it wasn’t until after I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point”, more specifically the chapter about the effect of the banana’s tryptophan serotonin effect on the neurological system, which inevitably is the key to ending cigarette addiction; that I learned that I was born with Autism.

My synapse function caught onto that one thought about bananas and God’s word; then another thought connected to second thought about the neurotransmitters, and the rest is history.

It was then that I began to realize why God made me so interested in science, psychology, food as living medicine and curing the body from within through food; but most importantly why he taught me to place my life, in the hands of my lord Jesus Christ.

With this new found knowledge, I hope to teach everyone, especially my Autistic brothers and sisters how to read whole fruits and vegetables for FREE.

After realizing there was a language of whole foods, I tried to prove myself wrong, to no avail, and instead I inadvertently came across the cure to Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Ebola and Aids.

The missing link, to the cure and eradication of super germs and diseases in our society; is a fruit which is extremely detrimental in the elimination or cure of the extreme symptoms of Autism, Alzheimer’s and Syphilis.

That life giving fruit is the Rose Apple; which is so potent it can cure Cancer, Aids, Ebola and Syphilis; inadvertently ridding the world of the epidemic of violent crimes, which manifest through the bodies organs.

Cultivation of the rose apple, was eradicated because it grew too fast to control back in the day, however it’s fast regeneration rate is the entire reason it will cure!

The Rose Apple repopulates very quickly and helps with digestive issues, fights both fungal and bacterial infections and detoxifies the liver. Its high in Vitamin A and has an alkaloid that regulates blood sugar control.

Seems high mercury levels can be cleansed out by detoxification effects of the Rose Apple fruit too, as part of a whole foods balanced diet, which is really Jesus’s Way. Its also a preventative measure for pregnant mothers, in that it will help the baby to develop with a fully intact stomach lining; which will prevent autism and alzheimer’s.

I’m very interested in what the future holds, because Dr Mark Hyman has already cured a young boy who was diagnosed with the worst case of Autism over a decade ago, by detoxifying his body and introducing the right whole foods diet.

Diet can cure brain cancer and brain damage too, which is really just extreme digestive systems disorders which have been misdiagnosed.

Autistic people cannot digest most proteins, so thankfully I also stumbled upon goose fat, which is high in monounsaturated fats, as well as duck protein, which supplies amino acid and proteins which are less taxing on the stomach lining; making it easy to break down the fat. Roasted cashew nuts are also good for an Autistic persons digestive system, as they are easy to breakdown. Green, yellow and brown whole foods work better for the Autistic stomach, but most should be served fully cooked. Figs, bananas and zucchini help with the depression symptoms associated with some cases of Autism.

Foods which are shaped like a pear, are great for diets of autistic folks (all ASD stems from digestive system, more specifically its the pain of breaking down proteins and foods or processing the cortisol/norepinephrine, which cannot be expressed verbally by some) God is so awesome!

Another detrimental whole food for the Autistic diet, plus everyone else’s diet, is coconut oil, or better yet it’s the medium chain fatty acids, found in coconut oil.

When consumed as coconut oil, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial as well anti-protozoa (kills parasites) properties are present in the form of Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid and Capraic Acid.

I wanted to become a doctor, but never continued on in college because it seemed to restrictive, but that never meant that I stopped studying. My extreme interest in finding a cure for cancer and my intense desire to read (for hours on end at times- which I also learned is a trait of Autism), helped me to see the world differently.

Thankfully so, because it may just have helped us to collectively change the world as we know it. After all it’s going to take a conscious collection of positive people to make the world a brighter place.

I must say I’m happy to learn that I have Autism. Because now I can live my life the way I want to and I can own my CRAY CRAY. I have always been the different one, but without having the label of Autistic or disabled (I was born pigeon toed and now have perfectly straight legs) I live my life as a survivor.

I actually founded and grew my own Wig business from $250.00 and was in business for 15 years, winning awards for wig design and Customer Service, while simultaneously, running booths at the Comicon and other conventions, while having much fun with it all!

I have been in a loving relationship for over 15 years now and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I’m a self taught cook, who has travelled the world to over 11 different countries. I’m an adrenaline junky and excelled in high school taking advanced college prep classes as well as gifted classes in middle school.

I have taken college biology (2 sections), chemistry (2 sections), psychology (3 sections), marketing (several various classes for Small Business and Fashion), sales classes, as well as a few writing classes, but I had never realized why my studies varied so much. That is not until God opened my eyes.

I now know that he wants me to be a part of that voice for those who don’t have one.

After reading up on all the benefits from the Rose Apple and how it can rid our world of extreme and hostile violence, I now know why they call it the “fruit of the angels” because it’s here to help us fly in spirit!

If you want to learn how to read your fruit, email me at fashionablygreen1 (remove the space).



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