Cauliflower prevents brain cancer

Whole foods resemble the body part they will benefit and protect. In this case the cauliflower resembles the brain, which indicates health benefits for your brain.

Cauliflower fights brain cancer, colon cancer & bladder cancer. It prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is a great liver detox as well as a provider of so many more benefits for health and wellness.

Cauliflower offers high values of Vitamin C, plus it also contains vitamin K, which assists with blood clotting, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, potassium, manganese, plus protein and fiber.

To reap the benefits from the cauliflower quickly, cook it in, or serve it with coconut oil. Since the coconut oils medium chain fatty acids act as a transporter of the nutrients, carrying them across your bodies blood-brain & oxygen barriers; it will propel the cauliflower to begin boosting your immunity immediately.

Current cancer research reveals that cancer tumors begin in separate areas of the body, before they – in essence – cast cables to connect several small diseased areas; including non-tumorigenic cells lured in by the unhealthy cells. Which may explain why a stage 1 Cancer Patient can go to a stage 4 practically overnight, in some cases of cancer.

Early prevention is much better than searching for a cure, thankfully we now know that live food is the cure; thanks to the advancement in food science. As always check with your Doctor before changing your diet.

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