Celery prevents osteoporosis

Whole foods resemble the body parts they were created and designed to assist. Which is why when you put two sticks of celery together they will resemble a bone, without the bone marrow, because celery provides bone benefits.

Eating celery also provides the highest possible natural anti-inflammation benefits. Celery leaves and seeds contain the highest amount of any natural pain reliever around, which is why they add those extracted properties to common medicine. If your in the habit of cutting off the tips and bottoms stop doing it! Those are medicinal too. When you consume celery you can prevent osteoperosis and many other muscular skeletal deficiencies. The leaves prevent halitosis plus they help with digestion and provide males with assistance down there too.

In order for your body to take advantage of the bone growing benefits of celery, it should be consumed with cucumber plus a salad dressing or oil product ex. coconut oil mayo; because the oil will act as a binder, carrying the enzymes from the celery and cucumber to the brain, where they will work together to rebuild or repair your bone cells.

Early prevention is much better than searching for a cure, thankfully we now know that live food is the cure; thanks to the advancement in food science. As always check with your Doctor before changing your diet.

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