Button mushrooms prevent ear infections

Whole foods resemble the body part or area in which they will benefit and protect, just as a mushroom resembles an ear, which indicates health benefits for your ears.

Have you ever noticed that after cutting a button mushroom and turning it sideways, it resembles an ear with something protruding out from its center? That’s thanks to their anti-fungal plus anti-bacterial properties, which helps to prevent ear infections and sinus infections when you add them to your daily coconut rich diet. You can keep healthy and free from both infections naturally when you eat the fungi.
To reap the benefits from mushrooms you’ll need to eat them daily. I eat them raw, sauteed or fried in coconut oil; in soup, salads and stuffed too. Its a combination of the life cell repairing benefits from the coconut oils medium chain fatty acids, plus the nutritional benefits from the mushrooms, which have helped me to overcome ear infections. They also contain Vitamin D which helps to prevent cancer and also benefit your bones and teeth.

Early prevention is much better than searching for a cure, thankfully we now know that live food is the cure; thanks to the advancement in food science. As always check with your Doctor before changing your diet.

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