Red cabbage inhibits breast cancer cell growth

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Whole foods resemble the body parts they were created and designed to assist.

red cabbage inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells

In this case a red cabbage looks like a breast because they protect them from disease.  Just don’t eat it daily (otherwise the iodine will cause other problems). Red cabbage possess resveratrol, anthocyanin and sulforaphane. Anthocyanins have a proven ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation and to inhibit tumor formation. Resveratrol is the most powerful & natural anti-cancer factor known to man, which provides a booster effect for all other minerals and vitamins, its a destroyer of the vessels that feed tumors and it works to block metastasis of malignant cells. Sulforaphane has the power to inhibit the harmful enzyme Histone Deacetylase (HDAC), known to be involved in the progression of cancer cells. Learn more about breast cancer super foods here.