Bone broth for health

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Consuming 1 cup per day of bone marrow broth on an empty stomach will work wonders for your health according, to the experts. 2 parts chicken bone broth to 1 part beef bone broth, seasoned with anti-inflammation spices (such as turmeric, ginger, celery seeds etc.) plus a tropical oil (such as coconut oil), or a small amount of butter is best.

Bone marrow broth helps to regrow the esophagus and digestive tract lining, as well as the b-cells and t-cells; when its consumed daily, as part of an oxidized oil free diet. It provides gelatin which provides building blocks for forming and maintaining strong bones while supporting healthy bone mineral density. Gelatin also helps to strengthen the gut lining and supports intestinal health and integrity. Collagen helps to form compounds which make up the connective tissue, and is provided for by bone broth consumption. Learn more about the life giving benefits of consuming bone broth here.


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