Are you Fashionably Green?

I’m Fashionably Green and obsessed with saving, DIY, recycling, lowering my carbon footprint and giving back to the community.

After a 15 year-long journey of establishing Devious Wigs & Things LLC as an International brand; I’ve turned my attention to launching FashionablyGreen1.com in an effort to catalog my mission of helping those in need. I’ve turned my attention to creating the #fashionablygreenhungerfight campaign and will share my experiences, ideas and successes here.

Extreme couponing for charity is my mission, Extreme Giving is my goal.

God blesses me with goodies to donate and to celebrate my Birthday this year, I donated 27 #SacksOfLove to the Trenton Area Rescue Mission, via the Catholic Campus Ministry, located across the street from Rider College in New Jersey.

A few of the charities I have shared my blessings with are  The Phoenix Ronald McDonald house, Catholic Charities Diocese of TrentonHomeFront of NJ, Salvation ArmySojourn Center of AZMaggie’s Place of AZ and St Vincent de Paul and the City of Angels of NJ; in addition to the many individuals I’m blessed to meet on my journey.

EXTREME GIVING, by extreme couponing

This new journey has been the best gift ever! I truly feel that he blessed me with this gift, because at my most desperate moment, when I was truly at a loss for my next step in life, after deciding to close shop and move on from a 15 year business endeavor; I asked him to lead me to the best way that I could still help people. After praying on this, I left it in his hands. The very next day, while visiting my sisters place, the TV was stuck on 1 channel; can you guess what was on the screen… Extreme Coupon.

I knew that was my message from God, because I am everything that extreme couponing represents. I’m frugal, love abundance, enjoy variety, trying new things, helping others, shopping till I drop, eating, travelling, saving and most importantly I LOVE TO GIVE LOVE. It was a match made in heaven.

On average I have not paid more than $0.50 for 1 thing (except for clothes and eating out) in the last 3 years. I have an average savings in the lower 90% on everything you can buy from a grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store or big retail outlet.

My main objective these days is to bring more social awareness to a few issues close to my heart, via a bio-fuel converted RV, stocked with goodies for community members and charity groups in need of a little assistance.

Most would never know by looking at me, but I’ve survived a lot of trauma in my life. Those many life lessons forced me to create deep-rooted values. It’s because of those values, that I have chosen to support several causes with my time, effort and soul.

After having lost many relatives and associates to Cancer and Leukemia; assistance to the survivors sits high on my social values projects list. Being a domestic violence survivor has sent awareness, education and assistance even higher on that social values project list.

It’s been a few years since I finished reading the book “Half the Sky” and after reading about the HUGE difference a little guidance and support can do for any and all human beings, I will also support those who are dedicated to improvement in all aspects of life and the community.


I am on a mission to create a Free Mobile Boutique, whereby I will load up all my extreme coupon goodies and drive to areas that are in need of assistance. Most recently I have been handing out #SacksofLove to people I encounter throughout my days, who look like they are in need of a meal; with the majority going to panhandlers.

How will Fashionably Green sustain itself?

This mission will utilize a bio-fueled RV to deliver FREE products, to those in need throughout America. In order to pay for driving inner city and cross-country, I will seek sponsors with socially conscious messages which will wrap the vehicle, visible for all. The truck will act as a rolling bulletin board, making stops at various events, community centers, hospitals, and senior centers; throughout the United States of America.  I hope to collect manufacturers coupons from the community at these events, which in turn allows me to donate more to those in need.   The truck will be stocked with groceries, toiletries, health and wellness products and more; from my couponing extremely shopping excursions, as well as donations from the community.

Why create an environmentally friendly, sustainable vehicle?

I’m working hard to created an environmentally friendly, bio-fuel powered vehicle to limit my carbon footprint while driving city-wide and cross-country; donating products from couponing extremely, while bringing awareness to social messages, sustainability and the need to recycle more.  Having the option to fuel the truck with recycled food oil or diesel oil, we will help reduce our dependency on foreign oil. It will also reduce the amount spent on fuel, while driving such a huge vehicle daily.

Who can sponsor a message on the truck?

Every US citizen is welcome to sponsor any of our messages on the truck. Corporations of socially conscious and environmentally conscious Brands, whereby the products are made in the USA, can sponsor messages about sustainability, solutions to social problems, encouragement, support and love (even if the LOVE is for a product that is environmentally conscious).

Where did the name FashionablyGreen1.com come from?

Fashionably Green is my way of life, after having experienced the loss of many fabulous people, both personally and professionally; I’ve realized that our environment is very powerful but silent life partner, one that must be respected and cherished. I have learned to love the land through recycling, reuse and DIY, the Fashionably Green way. I’m also a foodie who believes food is living medicine.

As an award-winning wig designer, I have come to know many chemotherapy survivors. One of those special people is my best cousin Paul, who was a brave soldier of love. The make a wish foundation granted him his wish of becoming a DJ, complete with turntables and speakers, and after graciously accepting their gift; he dedicated his time with his new DJ set, to play at events which would benefit children and adolescents, as he was still a child when he received it. His name fit him fabulously: DJ Kimo.  He is the namesake of the first socially conscious fleet, bringing awareness, love and assistance to those in need.

How can I become part of this project?

10 simple ways you can assist NOW are:

  1. Share a smile with someone you normally would never share one with.
  2. Sponsor a  message about sustainability, solutions to social problems, encouragement, support and love, on the Kimo-Bile.
  3.  Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors by sharing this post with your Facebook friends, Google+ circles, linkedin contacts or anyone you think might send us some love and manufacturers coupons.
  4. Love your neighbor, as you love yourself.
  5. Be kind to each other, help out those who need a little assistance.
  6. Volunteer at any organization that helps others unselfishly.
  7. Teach your family and friends about sustainability.
  8. Recycle, recycle and do more recycling.
  9. Teach your children to love unconditionally.

However the NUMBER ONE, most perfectly the bestest way to help our #fashionablygreenhungerfight is by bringing awareness to the fact that diet plays a major role in the well being of our society as a whole.

Please add us to your Google+ circles, like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter, then share this page with your circles. I truly appreciate your love and attention to my cause! Thanks for giving me a few seconds of your time.

Anna Marie


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