Cauliflower prevents brain cancer, Alzheimer’s & dementia

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Whole foods resemble the body parts they will benefit. Just as the cauliflower  resembles a brain because it protects and strengthens it against brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and that’s not all.

cauliflower prevents brain cancer, Alsheimer's & dementia+


Cauliflower contains anthocyanins which are a major player in the fight against cancer. By the shape of the white cauliflower, it’s no surprise that by adding cauliflower, cooked in tropical oils, to a well balanced diet (one void of oxidized oils), your body will be strengthened to ward of cancer of the  brain, breast, colon and bladder. Plus it is a great detoxifier for the liver. It’s been found to prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia in addition to brain cancer too.

Cauliflower possess high values of Vitamin C, plus it also contains anthocyanins, vitamin K (assists with blood clotting), thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, potassium, manganese plus protein and fiber.

Eat it raw with a greek coconut yogurt ranch dip or roasted and drizzled with coconut oil. A cauliflower mash made with coconut oil is delicious too. Just get it in you!


Bitter melon prevents colon cancer

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Whole foods resemble the body part or area in which they will benefit and protect. In this case the bitter melon skin looks like the skin in the colon, which indicates health benefits for your colon.

Bitter melon resembles the colon even more when its sliced with its beans inside its center cavity. But not only does it help to prevent colon cancer, it also helps to prevent breast cancer too.

Just as the name states, its bitter. So I add it to soups and stir-fry made with coconut oil.


Navel orange helps to prevent breast cancer

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Whole foods resemble the body parts they were created and designed to assist.

In this case the navel orange resembles a boob because they grow them bigger plus help to prevent breast cancer; thanks to its Astaxanthin properties, which prevent the proliferation of blood vessels to the cancer cells; thereby starving and killing the cancer cells which have taken root in the breasts fat cells.