Red delicious apple benefits teeth

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red delicious apple benefits teeth learning tools

Whole food shapes determine where their enzymes and
nutritional properties will be the most beneficial in the body

For example the red delicious apple shape is similar to the shape of a human tooth and its no coincidence that the scientific research has proven that red delicious apples contain nutritional properties; which prevent plaque, cavities and gingivitis. Maybe that’s why they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. After all, its through a dirty mouth that bacteria gets into the blood stream and wrecks havoc on your immune system. Eating red delicious apples by biting them off of the core will also strengthen your teeth. They also benefit the heart thanks to their lycopene properties, which assists your bodies regrowth of the white blood cells, which are a vital part of our immunity.


Onion helps blood circulation

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Whole foods resemble the body part or area in which they will benefit and protect, just as an onion resembles a drop of blood, which indicates health benefits for your blood and circulation.

If your adding onions to your meal you’ll be happy to know they contain quercitin, which helps to lower blood pressure. The circular rings of the onion indicate improved blood circulation. The anthocyanins present in red onions prevent cardiovascular disease, by protecting the body from oxidative stress and consumption of those anthocyanins also sharpens your vision. Plus they assist in preventing further damage to the bodies tissues, inflammation, tumor formation and cancer proliferation.


Radish helps you breath better

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Whole foods resemble the body part or area in which they will benefit and protect, just as a radish resembles an air pocket, which indicates health benefits for your breathing issues. Plus it contains anthocyanins to fight cancer.
To reap the benefits from the radish, eat them raw, in soups, salads or sauteed in coconut oil. Eat the leaves too but only if they are not wilted or ravaged.
Radish benefits organs, relieves skin issues and aids with skin aging, brings relief to the brain, assists with clearing thick mucus. relieving asthma and other breathing issues; eliminates toxins, rebuilds immunity, soothes pain, contains antioxidants, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, assists with blood pressure, clears sinuses, relieves constipation and helps to prevent both Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Strawberry protects your heart

#theway, Alzheimer's disease prevention, anthocyanins, cancer prevention, Dementia disease prevention, health benefits, heart health, strawberry

Whole foods resemble the body part they will benefit and protect, just as this strawberry resembles the shape of a heart; because they are great heart food, helping to maintain and build a healthy heart by growing the carpels in the heart.

strawberry regrows the heart tissue

Strawberries contain anthocyanins which are free-radical scavengers, helping in the fight against cancers too. They also contain quercetin which is vital for a healthy heart. Plus they are a good source of Vitamin C and the phenolic acid- ellagic acid.

“The free-radical scavenging and antioxidant capacities of anthocyanin pigments are the most highly publicized of the modus operandi used by these pigments to intervene with human therapeutic targets, but, in fact, research clearly suggests that other mechanisms of action are also responsible for observed health benefits. Anthocyanin isolates and anthocyanin-rich mixtures of bioflavonoids may provide protection from DNA cleavage, estrogenic activity (altering development of hormone-dependent disease symptoms), enzyme inhibition, boosting production of cytokines (thus regulating immune responses), anti-inflammatory activity, lipid per-oxidation, decreasing capillary permeability and fragility, and membrane strengthening.” Anthocyanins and Human Health: An In Vitro Investigative Approach by Mary Ann Lila

Strawberries are not only delicious but they are a life-giving & heart healing whole food. Add them to your diet raw, frozen, blended, baked, sautéed in coconut oil or even dried because either way, you’ll reap the benefits.