Reusable totes filled with goodies

Atlantic City Love Walk 2013

Goodie bags awaiting their new owners!

These plastic recycle lunch totes have been waiting to be used for a long time. They were gifted to me by Tanya, who is another earth & people loving soul. She payed it forward, gifting me with them when I owned the Shop Devious .com boutique in Arizona. They were used in our booth at Phoenix Comicon and then I totally lost track of them, until recently (he works in mysterious ways). After finding them again, I filled them with extreme coupon goodies, giving them away to random people walking around Atlantic City, New Jersey, about 2 weeks ago. The people I gave these awesome reusable goodie bags to were people I thought looked as though they could use a hug or a little help. I also gave a few to people I seen do good deeds in front of me. I just had to reward them with something; because a good deed is is hard to come by these days, more “Thank You’s” are in desperate need (please keep that in mind always).

My soul is still feeding off this photographed bunch of free giveaways.

Join the Fashionably Green Hunger Fight!

These goodies were given to the ladies.

To the women’s Fashionably Green Goodie Bags, I added 1 of each: Colgate toothpaste, Always pantyliners, Jergens lotion, Gillete shaving cream, Ivory soap and a bag of Rips candy. To the men’s Fashionably Green Goodie Bags, I added 1 of each: PowerBar protein bar, Colgate toothpaste, Gillete shaving cream, Old Spice deodorant and Ivory soap. To the children’s Fashionably Green Goodie Bags, I added 1 of each: Colgate toothpaste, Toothbrush, Rips candy, Ivory soap, Crayola crayons for the boys, Hanes tights for the girls and Chapstick. I made and gifted over 30 bags (Thanks mom and sister for sending me tons of manufacturers coupons! Thanks those who are considering sending me theirs in the future!).

Once I have large marge (my rv lol!) on the road, we will be gifting these from the east to the west coast, from the north to the south!


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