Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton

help my #fashionablygreenhungerfight

As part of my #FasionablyGreenHungerFight…

I donated 111 boxes of Hamburger Helper, to the Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton‘s Mercer County food pantry yesterday; 11/4/13.  My love helped me deliver them and boy were they surprised. This holiday season many people will go without enough food to fill their stomachs, sadly many of them will be children. You can help feed some of your fellow brothers and sisters by donating to the food pantry, because they are in desperate need of your donations; either non-perishable foods donated to their food pantry, or monetary donations via their page set up to receive donations at YouGiveGoods.

My Fashionably Green Hunger Fight is underway. Soon I’ll be taking to the streets in a bio-fueled and solar-powered RV; unloading tons of donations to those in need. Because the automobile i’m in now doesn’t allow me to haul much stuff, I could only donate 111 boxes to the food pantry. Just knowing that this is what God helps me achieve with such little, makes me hopeful at the wonders he will do through me; for others. I thank you for joining me on this mission, even if you just sat for a second to read this blog, I want you to know that it means a big deal to me. I am truly on a mission, an extreme coupon mission, to help curb hunger, create independence and to give a little love to those in need. You can read a little more about my Fashionably Green Hunger Fight here:

If you have been thinking about donating food to a food pantry for Thanksgiving; but time has escaped you, please give now via this link: YouGiveGoods.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton

Need more info?


Call: Food pantry manager Talaya  609-394-2172 x2500

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