27 sacks of love for my Birthday

As a Birthday gift to myself this year 2015, I stuffed 27 shopping bags (thanks Basha’s grocers of Arizona for the bags) with goodies from my stockpile, for the clients of Trenton Rescue Mission in downtown Trenton New Jersey.

Unfortunately my phone took a dive, so I don’t have photos of the finished product, however photos of the products I included can be seen above.

How did you spend your birthday in 2015? Please share in a comment below.

6 Reasons to Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet

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Recently, I’ve started cooking with coconut oil—sautéing veggies, pan-searing fish, and cooking two-ingredient pancakes—it’s become a staple in my diet. Coconut oil not only tastes great, but it also has some pretty amazing healthy benefits.

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Release and be happy!

If you’re like most Americans, your closets are stuffed so tightly you can’t even get through your wardrobe without being frustrated with the lack of wiggle room. Many of you have so much stuff, that you can’t even find things, without cussing up a storm and wasting a minimum of 20 minutes.

Thankfully the era of less is more is upon us! So I dare you to take our #fashionablygreengivingchallenge the next time you find yourself searching aimlessly for that________.

Take the #fashionablygreengivingchallenge

To take the challenge, make it a point to put aside everything that you haven’t used in a month, when you come across it during your search. After you find the item you were frantically looking for, take a few minutes to gather up all the items you put to the side (the things you aren’t using or haven’t used in a long time) and place them in a bag, which you’ll then place in your trunk, to donate at your local charity thrift store, such as the Salvation Army chain of thrift stores. If you wish to, you can even schedule a truck from the Salvation Army, and they will come pick up your donation. Click the following link to schedule your donation pick up: Schedule a Salvation Army truck to pick up your donations.

Your space, life and emotional well being will thank you, if they could. Most importantly your community will thank you for helping to make a difference.

Imagine how much freer you will feel after unloading all that stuff that is blocking your way.