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If you’re looking for a Fashionably Green way of taking control of your expenses, what better way than to recycle paper, turning it into FREE products; which are actually paid for by the manufacturer of said products.

I’ve always been a frugal shopper, but I’ve never ever given up taste. I call myself a Mediterranean cook, because I’m not one for recipes, instead I opt for stocking my pantry with easily interchangeable ingredients. My “go to” place used to be the 99 cents only stores, because they offer name brand closeouts for only $0.99, but lately I’ve been paying much less than $0.99 for anything; thanks be to God, for my introduction to extreme couponing. I’ve been collecting and shopping with coupons for the last 2.5 months. Although it’s very time-consuming and requires attention to detail; its been well worth it. I’m averaging a savings of 90-95% on food, toiletries, health and beauty products.

Last Sunday I presented my first Couponing Extremely workshop and it made me realize just how much work it takes to get started. There is a lot of organization and gathering of coupons, as well as all the shopping. Well I actually love the shopping part of it and the I love the giving part of it too. Not only have I been able to cut out all my grocery and drug store shopping expenses, but I’ve also been able to make amazing charity donations.

I’ve created a section on my blog, highlighting the basics of Couponing Extremely for your reference, just in case you are interested in learning. At the moment it only explains the basics, but it will offer more insight gradually.

You can find more information when you hover over the link above that reads “Coupon Extremely”. Choose your page from the drop down menu and presto! Your on your way to saving BIG TIME.


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