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Live Fashionably Green

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yourSelf. yourLife. yourSpirit. yourBusiness
This is what I’ve been doing as of late. Recreating my life, my spirit, my business, myself. I have taken a new approach to living and enjoying all my new free time and it’s been a spiritual journey for sure. I’ve realized that my one life dream of giving help, happiness and love to those who are without, is much closer to becoming a reality, with each passing day. I’m getting ready to return to the east coast, excited to get the converted Ford RV, or Large Marge as I call her; to the garage for an engine transplant. I was hoping to convert the engine into an alternative fuel vehicle and hope to find someone to do that work for trade. Since we will be driving from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again and again, I figured an advertisement on the back of the truck would be a great trade. Once the engine is up and running it will be time to design the interior walls and displays. I’m going to stock the inside of the truck, with all the products that I’ve been stockpiling, since learning to extreme coupon. Still trying to collect as many inserts from the Sunday newspapers, but one can never have enough, when your donating it to those in need of a little assistance. Its amazing how much help each tiny little coupon, printed on colored paper, can actually give. Those coupons also give hope, hope that people are listening and care.
It’s been a lot of fun telling people about this new venture in my life; it’s something that can be done from anywhere, so long as there is a grocery store that accepts coupons, a Sunday paper and people in need. I have been travelling since I was 5 years old, which was my age the very first time I boarded the TWA Airplane to Phoenix, Arizona; flying solo (35 years ago). It was fun, scary and exhilarating all at the same time; even though I’m more than sure I didn’t know the latter word just yet. The pretty stewardesses, as they were called back then, made flying so special and regal. I was hooked at a very young age and I haven’t been able to stay in one place yet. Which makes this new journey I’m about to embark on that much BETTER! We will be free to go where we feel help is needed, where the weather is great and where we wish to explore.
After 15 years of wig designing and retailing, I have come to the realization that hair is one of the most essential organs on any human being, for both mental stability and personal security. I have been on several reference lists for those who suffer from hair loss and cannot afford a wig, for over 15 years in both Arizona and New Jersey, delivering wigs free of charge to many a sad home. One thing that was the constant from those visits was the lack of funds, food and basic necessities. This always lead to a much heavier burden placed on the families. So taking that in mind I am taking a creative route and going to extreme coupon for all of those survivors, who won’t give up the fight.
This page will be a living journal of the ride and I hope you come with us, life is always much more fun when its least expected.
Dedicated to my favorite angels

Fashionably Green’s KimoBile

In memory of my cousins Paul, Chris and a very special girl named Chrissy, I dedicate Fashionably Green’s KimoBile; which will be an Ambassador of Happiness.Hope.Faith.Life.Love. 

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