Coupon clipping services

Once you have mastered your binder, coupon collecting, and shopping list making; its time to begin looking for coupon clipping services. Coupon clipping services do not charge a fee for the actual coupons. However they charge you a fee for collecting the coupons, clipping the coupons, sorting the coupons, listing the coupons on their sites, shipping and handling.

Most extreme couponers only buy 1 newspaper a week, and load up on their money makers or free items from coupon clippers. The most important thing to remember about ordering your coupons from clipping services is transit time (delivery time from the clipping service to you) and the end date of your sale. The reason being is that you don’t want to order 100 coupons for a product that is only on sale for a short time, from a coupon clipping service that is on the other side of the US.

Here is a list of coupon clippers that I’ve utilized recently (I listed the state they ship from under the name):

West Coast Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Carry-Out

Coupons Clipped Cheap

Coupons by Dede’s


When ordering your coupons from a coupon clipper service, make sure to check the end date of your sale and compare it with the delivery time needed for the coupons to arrive at your door. If you don’t leave enough time for your sale, you might not have enough time to make get your FREE stuff.


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