WOMANSPACE Easter Basket Giveaway 2014


Gifting young domestic violence survivors, Easter Baskets prepared with love, was a great way for me to give back to the community.

I had invited others to help me give, but unfortunately in the end not one person could deliver. Thankfully I was still able to create and donate over 70 baskets from my stockpile of extreme coupon goodies, plus a few extras I purchased (Candy is a must for Easter baskets ^_~). It was a fun endeavor; making comic bows and decorating the recycled clam shell produce containers with comic strips. If only I had a chance to see the look on the children’s face when they opened them, maybe next time.

For each gift made on our pledge page a child will receive an Easter Basket just like this one above, the one below or any others you can find on this page ^_~

Each gift will help us give one of these Easter Baskets away.

I’m creating stuffing recycled and reclaimed cartons, then I’m cutting comics up! Recycling them by making grass and decorating the recycled fruit clam containers, strawberry baskets and anything else that can hold a ton of goodies.  I’m hand shredding colorful non-bleeding parts of the newspaper for the grass filling.  Then I’ll fill each basket with name brand toiletries for girls ages 12-18, because they are usually the most neglected age group, and girls ages 5-10, all of whom are living at the Woman Space domestic violence shelter in NJ.  I think both groups can always use some love.  After wrapping each basket in plastic wrap, a hand-made comic bow will be added to finish them off. (UPDATE:  I recently found out that the shelter would be opening each basket to check on the contents….so I decided to wrap the rest in plastic wrap…is that tacky? please respond below)

I truly believe, that the tiniest amount of love can turn a persons view of the world upside down.  When you help me create my FREE mobile boutique (with as little as $1) now I will deliver a basket to a juvenile domestic violence survivor who is living in a shelter; making a child smile in your honor. Each time anyone sponsors until then, I will donate a basket spreading smiles and cheer!

These last few years have been the worst for Government funding of shelters. Unfortunately the hardest hit are always the ones most neglected. The group of girls 12-18 years old are most neglected; because it’s a hard age group; as they tend to require more emotional support (think hormonal changes) and much more financial support (think about the cost of feminine products each month, now add other necessities and the overhead sky-rockets). This is where we (you and I) come in.  I’ll help fill, make, create and deliver the baskets; and you can help me by contributing to my FREE mobile boutique or by sharing this with your friends and family. Either one will be greatly appreciated!

And if you know how much I love to recycle and help others, you can probably see the big cheesy smile on my face as you read this; because I’m smiling “out loud” as I think about the copious amounts of newspaper and plastic containers I’ll get to recycle with your help alone! Please share the love, because you’re not only helping me create a FREE mobile boutique; you’re helping to spread love where sadness normally prevails.

Much love and happiness for supporting my #fashionablygreenhungerfight and taking the time to read this note,

SPREAD LOVE HERE: http://www.gofundme.com/helpmefighthunger

The FREE mobile boutique will be stocked with food, toiletries, household products, wigs, eyelashes, clothes and anything else we think someone in need can utilize. It will be self-sustaining, bio-fueled and solar-powered. The FREE mobile boutique will travel cross-country helping spread love to those who need it most, thanks to you!


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