HomeFront New Jersey

This past week I was able to donate a few food bags to HomeFront of New Jersey. They are dedicated to “Giving Homeless Families a safe place to go and to grow. On any given day in Mercer County there are more than 1,800 homeless people. More than half are families with young children. In fact, the average age of a HomeFront client is seven years old. These children’s parents are not looking for handouts. Most are dedicated, hard-working and sometimes holding down two or three jobs, yet they still can’t afford the county’s cheapest housing. HomeFront provides each family what they need most. First is always a place to call home, then groceries, job skills, childcare, academic support for mom and kids – whatever it takes to be safe and secure.” This was quote from their home page.

Coming from a one parent home, I have had my fair share of hungry, sleepless nights. Fortunately enough, my mother was a fighter and a survivor; because I have learned to be the same tough chick, with a giant heart. I also learned that sometimes people can feel to proud to ask for a little assistance; especially those who don’t have any reliable resources, who are forced to deal with government workers. Social services people usually get into their line of work to help those in need, but end up treating those very same people like crap, because they assume that most people are just trying to abuse government assistance. Its so sad that for those that need just a little assistance, especially those that had to break out of a shell just to make the initial appointment. This is why I chose to donate to a non-government, non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing that little boost, which one might need at any given time.

No matter what state your located in, you can generally find a non-profit (not for profit) organization to help almost any cause you feel you need to assist and speak out for. As I said before, I have chosen this organization because they are not run by the government, they are dedicated to helping prevent homelessness and because they are easy to donate too. You can donate to HomeFront too, by tdelivering your donation to:

1880 Princeton Ave.
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 – 4518

Phone: (609) 989-9417
Fax: (609) 989-9423

URL: http://www.homefrontnj.org
Email: homefront@homefrontnj.org

To make a donation right now click this link: http://www.homefrontnj.org/Donate-new.cfm

If you have another organization that you feel deserves some help from the community, please suggest it in the comments below and feel free to share this post with those you feel will help us to make a difference.


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