Sacks of Love Central New Jersey Summer 2014

For the past few months I have been busy running around town, collecting the last few items for the #fashionablygreenhungerfight Sacks of Love, which are goodie bags consisting of toiletries. I buy the toiletries with manufacturers coupons and only pay tax, so it would be a shame for me not to give them away!

I was able to collect enough soaps, toothpaste and other items to make just under 100 sacks of love to give away as part of my #fashionablygreenhungerfight (which is my mission to help those struggling to get by in today’s economy). Unfortunately I had more items for women items on hand, than I had for men or children.

Recently, I’ve been giving the sacks of love out to the gas station attendants, convenience store clerks and others, whom I think look like they could use a little lift, in Central New Jersey. People are always shocked to receive anything from me, but smile brightly after receiving one (that is my gift).

It’s not much, just a couple of bars of facial cleansers, toothpaste, a snack or a drink; sometimes both. Since I do this with only the help of manufacturers coupons sent to me, the money from my own pocket, and a lot of help from my lord and savior; I’m limited on the number of items I can place in each bag. I usually start out by placing 9-10 items in each sack of love; but after a while it comes down to what I have left.

Soon enough when I get the FREE mobile boutique on the road, I can give away lots more, because I will have a place to hold, store and collect it all. You can read more about my #fashionablygreenhungerfight mission by clicking this Free mobile boutique link.

If you know of a place in need in Central New Jersey, please tell me about it in a comment below. I am always looking for more places to donate my sacks of love to.


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