Strawberry regrows the heart tissue

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Whole foods resemble the body parts they will benefit. Just as the strawberry resembles a heart because they help to regrow the hearts tissues including the hearts carpels and blood cells.

strawberry regrows the heart tissue

Strawberries also contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant which benefits your blood cells.  Plus they contain anthocyanins, which are free-radical scavengers helping in the fight against cancers, as well as quercetin, which is vital for a healthy heart. Plus they are a good source of Vitamin C and the phenolic acid- ellagic acid.


Sweet potato benefits the pancreas

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Whole food shapes determine where their enzymes and
nutritional properties will be the most beneficial in the body

For example the sweet potato shape is similar to the shape of a pancreas and its no coincidence that the scientific research has discovered a connection between the pancreas and hormones, both of which can be assisted by consuming sweet potato, as part of a diet rich in medium chain fatty acid (found in coconut oil & other tropical oil) read more.


Sweet potato regrows the pancreas

illustrative learning cards, learn to read whole food, read whole food

The sweet potato resembles a pancreas because they are high in beta-carotene, which will promote the regrowth of the cells in the pancreas. The sweet potato also contains Astaxanthin properties, which prevent the proliferation of blood vessels to cancer cells; thereby starving and killing the cancer. Prevention of inflammation in the pancreas by the sweet potato will also help to prevent pancreatitis.

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Consuming sweet potato cooked in coconut oil, roasted, steamed or boiled before being served with coconut oil will benefit those with diabetes too!


Sweet potato assists with reproduction

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Whole foods resemble the body parts they were created and designed to assist. In this case the sweet potato resembles a man’s private parts because they actually do provide reproductive help for both men and women. The sweet potato plant is one of a few which contain both male and female reproductive systems.

If you or someone you know is having problems with your reproductive system add sweet potatoes fried in coconut oil, or baked and topped with coconut oil, to a coconut rich diet, a couple times per week. If they are eating sweet potato fries, fried in long chain oil (oil which is liquid at room temperature), that might be their problem! Oxidized oil can kill the living cells by promoting free radical formation, which may ultimately mutate their DNA. Any food item that is cooked in liquid oil will determine where the oxidized oil will go in the body. If sweet potatoes are cooked in a liquid oil, the oxidized oil will be sent into to the reproductive system as well as the pancreas, causing more damage along the way.